Are Drones Below $500 Equal To Commercial Models?

People might be wondering about the difference between the average priced drones to those expensive ones that are commercialized in the market. In order for you to get a clear picture, let us compare their features one by one.


  • Price – of course, there is a huge difference between their prices. The commercialized drones would worth at least $700, while average ones are drones below $500. Despite the disparity between the prices, the quality of the overall performance of both of them are actually neck to neck from each other, meaning there is not much difference. That is why if you are saving money, buying the affordable ones are better.
  • Resolution – the resolution of the camera of the drones would vary also depending on the price. The higher the resolution, the more expensive it is. Compared to those less than $500, of course, the image and video quality will have a difference, but it is not that big that you would just think of buying the expensive ones. The resolution of drones below $500 have a bearable resolution if ever you are just looking for something that you could carry around when you travel.
  • Capacity – the storage capacity of the drones would also depend because they have different numbers. Some can be as low as 8 gigabytes; some can be as big as 1 terabyte. For a device that only contains images and videos, this memory is justifiable.
  • Overall Design – choosing the design and overall exterior look of the drone would depend on the taste of the consumer. There are some that are very classy, and some are flashy. For an average priced drone, they also have designs that are decent enough to be bought and the performance is not even affected. As they say, don’t judge the book by its cover.