Can You Put Music From YouTube Onto Your Phone?

YouTube is one the most popular platforms today. It is filled with music and other video content. If you are a music buff, then you will often find yourself browsing YouTube for the songs you like. However, it is best if you have a copy of this music on your phone. The question is, can you extract music from YouTube and save it on your phone? The answer is yes. The Official page of websites that offer free services on extracting music from YouTube and converting it to an audio file will guide you on how to save your favorite songs on your phone.

Putting YouTube Music on Your Phone

Getting music from YouTube and saving it on your phone is rather easy. The first step is to get the URL of all the music that you want to get from YouTube. Copy these URL and then paste it on the website that will extract the music. After pasting, press the Search button so that the website can connect to it. The sound will now be extracted from that YouTube video, which you can then save on your phone’s memory.

You will not be bored while doing this since you can preview or listen to the tracks as they are being saved. You can play, pause, and even skip the tracks that you have extracted. All of these are possible on the Official page of the downloader and converter. The good thing about using a free service like this is that you do not have to sacrifice quality. The sound that you will get will be high quality. This service also does not require any software download. You can also use it no matter what operating system your computer or phone is using. Furthermore, there is no registration needed, you can immediately proceed to extracting and converting the YouTube content.