Qualities Of A Great Employee Engagement Platform

Keeping employees engaged is very essential for any company. The employees are the ones who work hard to make sure that the company makes enough incomes to keep on going. They are also the ones who ensure that the job they do will be for the success and possible growth of the company. That is why it is very important to make sure every employee is engaged and motivated for them to be productive.

One of the ways to boost employee engagement is through keeping a platform where everyone in the company, whether they are on the rank and file category, managerial ones or even the owners will have a place to interact. One effective platform is through a company website or application. Certainly, this will be of great help for all employees. Here are some qualities of a good engagement platform.

Accessible by everyone
A good platform should be accessible to everyone, even the building security guards and utility workers. They are all part of the company and should be included in whatever activities there are to improve engagement. The platform may be done through company intranet which means that company may provide a PC accessible to employees who do not work with one.

Easy to Navigate
It should be easy to navigate and understand. There may be too many information on the platform but the employee looking at it should not be overwhelmed. Otherwise, they would not want to look at it anymore.

Complete Features
It should have all the features necessary for employee engagement. Not only should it have announcements and the likes, but there should also be a part where employees can post, ask questions or create requests.

Employee engagement is necessary and it should be accompanied by a good platform to become effective. A good employee engagement platform will ensure that all employees will be more motivated and productive.

Are Drones Below $500 Equal To Commercial Models?

People might be wondering about the difference between the average priced drones to those expensive ones that are commercialized in the market. In order for you to get a clear picture, let us compare their features one by one.


  • Price – of course, there is a huge difference between their prices. The commercialized drones would worth at least $700, while average ones are drones below $500. Despite the disparity between the prices, the quality of the overall performance of both of them are actually neck to neck from each other, meaning there is not much difference. That is why if you are saving money, buying the affordable ones are better.
  • Resolution – the resolution of the camera of the drones would vary also depending on the price. The higher the resolution, the more expensive it is. Compared to those less than $500, of course, the image and video quality will have a difference, but it is not that big that you would just think of buying the expensive ones. The resolution of drones below $500 have a bearable resolution if ever you are just looking for something that you could carry around when you travel.
  • Capacity – the storage capacity of the drones would also depend because they have different numbers. Some can be as low as 8 gigabytes; some can be as big as 1 terabyte. For a device that only contains images and videos, this memory is justifiable.
  • Overall Design – choosing the design and overall exterior look of the drone would depend on the taste of the consumer. There are some that are very classy, and some are flashy. For an average priced drone, they also have designs that are decent enough to be bought and the performance is not even affected. As they say, don’t judge the book by its cover.

Ergonomics Are Crucial: The Best Gaming Chairs For 2017

People have become more and more attracted into playing computer games today. Through the years, the number of people who are playing various computer games online has increased. However, the number of people who have suffered from back pain has also increased because of this. This is the reason why people who are into playing computer games online should only use gaming chairs when they are playing. However, they should not just buy just any gaming chairs. They must purchase and use only the best gaming chair 2017.

What Are Gaming Chairs For?

Gaming chairs are the ones that people sit down on whenever they are using their computer to play their favorite online computer games. People can also use this type of chair when they work for long hours in front of the computer. The gaming chair is the one responsible for avoiding any stress and strain on the back of gamers. The stress and strain are caused by sitting for long hours in front on the computer. The pain that is caused by the stress and strain can last for long periods of time and can greatly affect the productivity of people.

What Should People Buy?                                                                                     

People should buy the best gaming chair 2017 so that they will not have to experience any of the pain in the back that is caused by playing online computer games for long periods of time. Gamers should not use the regular chairs because these chairs do not help them relieve any of the stress and strain that their back experiences. They should use gaming chairs because they are comfortable to sit on and they can help people in avoiding experiencing any of the pain in the backs that is the result of sitting for hours and hours in front of the computer while they are playing.

Can You Put Music From YouTube Onto Your Phone?

YouTube is one the most popular platforms today. It is filled with music and other video content. If you are a music buff, then you will often find yourself browsing YouTube for the songs you like. However, it is best if you have a copy of this music on your phone. The question is, can you extract music from YouTube and save it on your phone? The answer is yes. The Official page of websites that offer free services on extracting music from YouTube and converting it to an audio file will guide you on how to save your favorite songs on your phone.

Putting YouTube Music on Your Phone

Getting music from YouTube and saving it on your phone is rather easy. The first step is to get the URL of all the music that you want to get from YouTube. Copy these URL and then paste it on the website that will extract the music. After pasting, press the Search button so that the website can connect to it. The sound will now be extracted from that YouTube video, which you can then save on your phone’s memory.

You will not be bored while doing this since you can preview or listen to the tracks as they are being saved. You can play, pause, and even skip the tracks that you have extracted. All of these are possible on the Official page of the downloader and converter. The good thing about using a free service like this is that you do not have to sacrifice quality. The sound that you will get will be high quality. This service also does not require any software download. You can also use it no matter what operating system your computer or phone is using. Furthermore, there is no registration needed, you can immediately proceed to extracting and converting the YouTube content.

The Best Chat Client: WhatsApp For PC

There are different mobile applications nowadays that are intended for messaging without the need of having a load but instead use the internet connection to be able to chat or call. However, there is certainly one application that would suit all your needs when it comes to chatting with someone, plus, they also now have a Web Application in case you want to have an extension. We now introduce you WhatsApp and WhatsApp for PC.


You may think that WhatsApp is one of the typical messaging applications that you can find in Google Play or App Store. However, looking inside its features, you would think otherwise.

  • Easy – downloading the application is easy as pie. Even when you want a WhatsApp for PC, you won’t need to have an assistant to help you because, by yourself, you can easily access it and set it up without being hassled
  • Free – everyone loves something free. Of course, this is the best deal you could have. Downloading the WhatsApp application on your PC or mobile phone is free and you won’t need to complete surveys as well. You are also assured that if you ever download it, it doesn’t contain any virus that might harm your device
  • Multiple Devices – as it was mentioned earlier, you can now also download this application in your laptops or even Mac desktop. With this new feature, you can now have an access to your messaging application in a bigger screen
  • Handy – okay, of course, laptops or desktops are not handy when it comes to traveling. They are only meant to be in homes or offices. However, since your mobile app and web app are synced together, anything that you should be receiving would also be notified in both of your devices. If ever you are in a place with no internet, at least from your home, your laptop is still receiving the messages.

Make The Right Impression On Whatapp With A Cool Status

One of the most used and popular apps today is Whatsapp. Through this app, you can keep in touch with people by sending messages using the same data plan that you use for browsing the internet. This means less expenses for you! With over 600 million users of this app, it surely is a platform where you can become popular and cool. Unlike the usual messaging apps, Whatsapp provides more features by allowing you to share and brainstorm ideas to a community, share and send pictures and videos, assign a voice to a face in your contacts, and many more.

First Impressions Last: How to Be Cool in Whatsapp

A good way to start with Whatsapp is by sharing a cool status. But before you rush into posting or sharing what you think is a cool one, you should observe which actual ones are really a hit in the community. To make it easy for you, there are sites that have already done this task, which leads you to just having to see the list of statuses that users think are cool. To separate yourself from the bunch of people having a similar status, you can twist these cool statuses to end up with your own version. Also, it is best that you choose the one that reflects your personality or your perspective.

So why do you need to become popular in Whatsapp through a cool status?  This is because Whatsapp has many uses for you. You can use it to organize an event, which will need a lot of attention to become successful. You can use your popularity in Whatsapp to promote that event and even share what is currently happening as it transpires. While being cool in Whatsapp does not only rely on your status, turning it into an interesting one is definitely a good start.

A Beginning Gamer’s Guide: Download Games Online

The gaming business is a sure money-maker, raking in almost billions yearly. Ever since the invention of gaming consoles, countless games have been developed and has evolved to match the continuous update of technology. Games have come a long way from the two-dimensional, pixelated, black-and-white games and have advanced into three-dimensional and more realistic graphics with better controls. Because of the increasing quality of games, the consumers have increased over the years.

Game developers have different ways to sell their products. Many developers have their own shops where they sell their games. Others have website where they allow people to download the games, with or without payment. When downloading games online, you must be vigilant on what they are clicking. Many advertisements and pop-ups crowd gaming websites today, and most of these are just distractions and will just aim to make the viewers purchase other products or download other stuff.

Downloading games online

When downloading games online, you should be keen on what you are going to click first. Other domains gain profit if you click and load their advertisements so be careful not to click other pop-up advertisements. Here are some tips you should consider when you download games (Descargar juego) online:

  • Be clear with your keywords when searching the game online. Make sure that the title is complete and the version of the game is specified.
  • Always check the right download buttons. Sometimes the page has other buttons that say download but it isn’t the right download link for the game itself.
  • Never click pop-up ads. This will just lead to more advertisements and sometimes computer viruses which will just mess up your computer
  • Make sure that when you download games, check if the game is for free or not. Many games require payment through online accounts. Just be sure of any other information regarding payment services

Sweat With Kayla: A Lot Of Money For A Gimmick

Kayla Itsines’ workout guide for weight loss has proven to be effective. A lot of people, most especially women, have seen results with their body weight. And they have been satisfied.

Kayla’s workout guide includes three progressive guides. They come in PDF form and can easily be stored in your gadget either Android or iOS. So you can bring your gadget anytime anywhere. You can perform the workout training at home or at the gym.

The guide works best if you carefully and faithfully follow the step by step process. Never miss a step so you do not have to go back through the process. If you are not able to follow the process, you might not be able to see results the way you want it to be.

Since the workout guide has proven to be effective, Kayla developed an app as well. This app can be installed to your gadget and can also be used anywhere. You can use it at home or at the gym.

However, the question lies now if it’s worth the money you pay. You can go here for the app review.

The app is just almost the same as the eBook. The only difference is that the app is already a convenient tool because you do not have to read through the entire book. All you need to do is simply follow what the app shows.

The app cost $19.99 monthly. An entire workout plan takes about six months to finish. So you need to pay the monthly fee to be able to continue using the app. Otherwise, you will lose all access to your plan and you will have to go over again. Check out the product and go here for the app review.

If we compare it to the eBooks, the eBooks cost $39.99 for the whole package while more than $100 for the app. If you already have the eBook, it would be best to stick with it and not have to purchase the app.